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Dapper Dan

How can you be sure files are completely erased/wiped?

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I just fired an individual at my radio station for using Firefox to view obscene, (and possibly illegal), picture files off the Internet. I can't believe someone could be so stupid as to think they could get away with this. I happened to look at the history and cookies for something else and got this surprise instead.


Strangely enough, this is the second time in about three years I've had to fire someone for this.


I've since deleted the Firefox history, cached files and cookies, and deleted its home configuration file and created a new one, but I don't know if that is all I need to do.


I won't have this problem anymore though cause I disabled all the browsers except Links text browser. My announcers can still retrieve the information they need off the Internet just without any pictures.


We all know with Microsoft there are still files on your computer even after they are "deleted." What is the case with Linux? Is what I have done enough or are there other things I need to do to insure everything is wiped?


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Hello, Dapper Dan!

I hope this finds you in good spirits!


Until a more workable solution is presented,

you may want to try to look at the `shred' command.


you know, just look at the man page for shred:


man shred


Also, maybe a utility can be found here:

(if you are using some journaling filesystem?)







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