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I overcame media hurdle with GeexBox Linux, YAHOO!

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A major hurdle to going full out Linux was playing an assortment of video files. I am running Suse 9.1 Personal which is ok for pretty much everything else besides multimedia (kinda weak in that department). I downloaded the GeexBox 0.98 'live' cd iso (6.something MB) and burned it. Boots from the cdrom and runs from the memory (leaves the hdd alone). You navigate through the menus with the keyboard (easier than it sounds). Recognizes many file systems and partitions, even windohs 'fat'. PLAYED 76 OF 79 FILES, ASSORTED CODECS (the 3 it didn't play aren't that important, I'll get over it, heh heh)! Even if you only have one cdrom, it pops out after it loads itself into the memory, then you pop in your disk full of videos and voila, movie time! Here is the huge bonus for you DVD drive owners, IT PLAYS DVD's (so no more excuses, i.e. waah, I can't watch my dvd's in linux). Did I mention it loads in about 30 seconds on my PIII/733? Hey Bill and Steve , you know who you are you closet Linux fans, my windohs install disk will be a coaster very soon.

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