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Problems INtsalling Madrake 9.0/Suse Linux

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Hi everyone,


I am quite new to Linux and have been looking for a distro that would work on my PC. Of all my attempts, the only one that has worked is Redhat 9.2 which a friend of mine sent to me. However I would have preffered Mandrake/Suse Linux.


My experience with Linux Mandrake 9.0 is that during installation it gave me the message 'error installing xfree86, do you wnat to continue installing' when I click 'yes' in continues till the last CD and then gives the error 'mkinitrd' while installing the bootloader.


I sucessfully installed Suse 9.1 Personal and it booted normally. However after a few minutes my PC freezes. On reboot, I configured it to boot on text mode and yet it still freezes at one point or the other.


Can anyone help me provide solutions to the above problem(s)


My system configuration is as follows;


CPU: AMD VIA Samuel 2 966MHZ

Graphics: VIA CLE 266

Memory 256MB

Hard Drive: 20GB

VIA Modem

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