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New Mandrake 10.01 User

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Hello I just installed mandrake 10.01 I am new To Linux But Not Computers...and "YES I know Linux is not windows" :-)


I downloaded the dvd ISO, Burned it booted from it installed it on it's own 60gig HD, setup up a dule boot as I am not ready to leave xp ...yet!


Got all the updates... configured the e-mail program and the IM program..it was cool it works with all the IM programs out there....


How evere I have no sound ....I have a sound blaster audigy NX2 usb sound card... and I cant access my 2 WD USB 2.0 drives.. it sees em but gives me some error about superblock or to many devices mounted? they are formated with NTFS but it reads my other NTFS HD's ok...


Also is there a program to sync my palm zire in linux?


it found all my other hardware both printers..my scanner...even my UPS!


Just had linux installed for 2 days now but I find it intresting....


and I hear I can run xp apps and games on it...how is this done? I asume it has a imulator?


I mostly want to get my sound on...I went to creatives web site but the jerks have no linux drivers....where can I get a driver for the Audigy NX 2 USB sound card for Linux Mandrake?


Thanks in advance...

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you can use wine to run *.exe files. I haven't used it in about 3 yrs so that's about all the advise I can give on that subject. I've found all opensource alternative and I do all my gaming in Windows.




Sound can be tricky. I know the pci sb audigy works as do most creative cards. First thing to check is make sure teh mixer isn't muted for some reason it's muted by default in Debian, I'm not sure about Mandrake. Then check to see if the device is being recognized I think the mandrake control center can do that. I'm not sure how the usb sound cards behave in linux. You can try from teh command line


dmesg | grep -i sound


to see if linux sees the device.

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