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linux-secure not available after install

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I installed mandrake and had the linux-secure option without choosing any server options. My mouse had problems that I couldnt fix so I installed mandrake again EXACTLY the same way and this time I dont have the linux-secure option.


I am trying to install the kernel from a web site to no avail.


If this is the easiest linux available then I think everyone should put linux back in the cupboard nd release it to the public when it works and is usuable -- please dont take that the wrong way but as an operating system for user who dont a a degree in computer science it sucks and shouldnt be release as a "easy to use operating system" because it isn't, period.


I do hope someone can help me with this problem....


Also, ONE of the many other problems I have (and i installed mandrake 10.1 x86 on a very generic new computer with very generic components) is that when I installed DOOM3-demo it says all these errors, then "failed to initialise opengl". I am using ATI (not nvidia, yes I know the nvidia fix). I had a similar problem with mandrake 10 running the installed default games like tuxracer not being able to find open gl and it was because the path wasnt in the config file...what a joke, and this was a default install. What kind of OS makes you go and edit a config file so you can use it?


Then I found I cant shutdown my system. After searching the internet for hours I found out that I have to configure the security setting in KDM to allow me to shut it down, oh but I can shut it down remotely...aahhhrrrr. Mandrake is spose to be the easiest linux for the normal user, or so i keep hearing.


Then I go to install some software and an error says "bad signatures". This same thing happened with mandrake 10 and mandrake 10.1 and I burnt the disks 3 times....aaarrhhhh.


Then my screen resolutionwas blury. I had to search the internet for 3 hours (even the mandrake site) to find how to change the refresh rate....aaarrhhhhh


And before all of this my mouse wouldnt work after install. It worked fine while I was installing mandrake, but after the install it was frozen. It worked o.k. in mandrake 10, but in 10.1 it didnt (same mouse too). I had to edit a config file to get it to work cause the mousedrake (which I found after searching the internet yet again (not mandrake site as it had no mention of anything as usual) wouldnt save it to the config file properly.....aarrrhhhhh


So many times I have been so close to throwing the disks out the window, and the only thing stopping me is the thought of having to go back to windows (the O.S. that refuses to fix its security so its secondary security companys make a profit and stay in work)






gona try MAC....frikit


Anyway, I'm sure in about 5 years linux MAY be ready to release to the public. At least the security is good, pity about not being able just use it though...


I'd pay for a good linux if there was one....and a lot of other people would also, but the open source thingy that everyone loves so much is holding back this OS from going to the general public properly.


Good Luck....

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why thanx for the great info. til today I was under the illusion Linux was some sort of OS that stringenty does what I tell it to do. And if I'd tell Mandrake (which I have installed around 40 times on many, many machines without major troubles) something weird, it would respond with an equally weird result. That's the formula: You tell Linux what to do, and Linux does it, no "if"s, no "when"s, no anything - coda.


I'm saying it clearly that I'm only speaking for myself now: but if I'm interested in reading vague accusations and naiv whining, then I'd have the SCO site in my bookmarks, and not linuxcompatible.org.


Every decent forum user here knows that Linux has flaws here and there, some minor ones some major ones. But that's a thing that goes for all OS'. And if my recent encounters with the mindbogglingly idiotic XP-security subsystem would make me act like you, I'd spend the rest of my days caomplaining over at ntcompatible.


If you are experiencing troubles with any hardware or software componenents of whatever Linux-distro, or if you are disorientated by the different paradigm that Linux carries, then you can come here and ask for help anytime - and you can bet your linux-dissatisfied a** that you will be welcomed and everybody here will also gladly help you, including myself, no matter how superficial or profound the problem might be.


That has been the deal ever since I came here some month ago, and that should be the deal in the future.


p.s: and "yes", I also have Macs, and the OS is indeed sweet and just the right thing if you are into music or graphics. But guess what: OSX is based on BSD, yet another Unix-flavor. The world just isn't fair, ey?



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