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does anybody know how to install mandrake linux 10 on an asrock motherboard

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I'm triyin' to install mandrake linux 10.0 on my computer, i formatted my hard drive, i partition my hardrive, i installed win xp, an now i'm triyin' to install linux mandrake 10.0 but the installation program only show me the first screen that says

" Press F1 for help and Enter to install", so i pressed enter and the installation program show me a black screen and nothing happens.

I got a k7s41gx asrock motherboard....please HELP.I'm a linux virgin!

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greetings hineiko


That mobo is one of the kind with "integrated everything" (including video). Those are a bit bound for errors. But you could try to press "F1" on the MDK10-boot screen and start the Mandrake installer by typing "linux noapic". That should circumnavigate possible issues with some problematic devices on such cheapo-boards.


Keep us informed if that worked.

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