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Redhat 9 to Fedora or Mandrake Question

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I have been a long time user of Redhat Linux (since 4.2). I am going to be building a new box and I am considering Mandrake 10 instead of the Fedora path as an upgrade to my Redhat 9 server. I want to d/l my distro (as I have always done) but I am not sure about a couple of things.


1. I would like to upgrade Gnome to the new 2.8 and I noticed that Mandrake doesnt have an RPM upgrade to it. (Although I am not a member of the Mandrake club thing). Is there an easy way to upgrade Mandrake 10 to Gnome 2.8 (cause the manual way is way too much work)? Is RedCarpet or the equiv still free and available (the link goes to novell's site)?


2. If I go with Mandrake how lost will I be with a changed filesystem? I need to maintain things like my sendmail configs and other things and I am a bit worried that dirs and locations will be hard to locate.


3. Is Fedora a better choice or Mandrake? (This is an opinion question and I am really looking to see if people are happier with one over the other).





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Hi GuitarJ and welcome! smile


4.2 huh? WOW! The earliest RH I've been able to find on the net is 6.2! Do you know where I can download a copy of 4.2?


Anyway, I think Fedora Core 1 or 2 is gonna be your best choice, if for no other reason, familiarity.


Once you get it installed, Fedora is a breeze to keep updated with apt-get RPM. And it makes installing RPM packages a snap.


Hands down, I'd go with Fedora.

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