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problem on installing my gigabyte pcx5300 display adaptor on mandrake linux 9.0

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bold textitalic textI have a gigabyte pcx5300 pci express display adaptor which has a linux driver on its cd.

My linux mandrake version is 9.0 and it doesnt recognize the card with any nvidia chipsets .how can i install the linux driver in cd from linux commandline(i should also claim im so new to linux)

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Two things. First, you may want to consider a newer version of Mandrake, which generally has good NVIDIA support, but realize the date of manufacture of the video card versus the release date of the version of Mandrake that you are using.


More likely the issue is your monitor. When you installed Mandrake, I assume you had a graphical interface during the install? Did you use the video wizard to set up the video and monitor settings for your system? You may be trying to operate out of the range of the sync. rates of the monitor.


Also, please post the system make/model that you have, or the motherboard that you are using. What monitor are you using?


I looked at the Gigabyte web site and did not see any linux based drivers. What is the full name of the driver included on the CD?

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