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installing suse 8.2 problems

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im having problems installing suse 8.2

everytime i try to install it it will give me the option to boot from the hard disk or install so when i go to install the screen goes black and thats it ive ran the memory tests and everything is fine

my system specs are:

celeron 2.7

1g ram

nvidia g4 video with 128 ram

western digi 80g hd

quantum 10 g hd


any suggestions would help thanks

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First, let me ask a few questions. This is a fairly new system.


Any reason why you are trying to install SuSe 8.2, rather than a newer version? Most likely the problem is the hardware on your system is too new for this version od SuSe.


Could you post the motherboard make/model or system make/model that you have?


Is this the net/boot install cd of SuSe, or the full version on CD?


If you burned the CD yourself, what speed did you burn the cd at?

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