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Joe Slaney

setting cm8837 sound

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I downloaded the sound driver for my onboard card and the instruction tell me to do a bunch of stuff in the usr-src-linux-sound directory, but there is not such directory after SRC, to place the files.

How do I install these asus drivers for my onboard sound card


Cannot find any drivers for my aopen fm56-pm modem. any ideas.


When I installed the system it used a driver called snd-cmpci as the default. What ever that is??? When I try to use the tray icon to set sound it tells me that there is no sound mixer or device.


Very very new to this. If things do not get any easier will run back to WinXp with my tail between my legs. I spent years with DOS voodoo and don't know if I want the same headaches again.


Linux has been the talk of the town so I though I would see what it is all about. Not good so far.

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