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Big Desktop under FedoraC3 with ATI 9800pro

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Hi all,


unfortunately FedoraC3 supports only Dual Head for ATI 9800pro.

Did anybody gets a ATI- Card run in Big Desktop- mode without deinstalling Xorg and installing XFree86?




Kind regards



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Hi grandmasterB and welcome. ATI makes great cards. It's a shame they don't support us more. I have an ATI card working with Fedora Core 2, but its an old Mach 64.


If you want to cut down on a huge amount of headaches, I would consider going out and purchasing an Nvidia. They do give Linux users a great deal of support, and just about everything they make will work with Linux.

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Hey Dapper Dan,


thanks for the bland words.


Actually i dont care, if its an ATI or whatever.

So, i agree with u, stuff whitch supports the linux- community should be bought preferential.


Im just be astonished, cause the "Dual Mode" works, even if the config- Window in GRUB says its disabled.

If u correct it in the Xorg.conf u get teh same results,

except thats enabled in the Screen- config- dialog on GRUB.



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