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Some USB mounting questions

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I am able to mount my USB flash drive but I have to enter the line in the etc/fstab everytime, make the directory in the mnt directory, then the mount command. Is there a way to have this automatically done when I plug the USB drive in? It is a Lexar 256MB flash drive.


If not is there a way that at least I can get the diretory and line in the etc/fstab to stay in there? Typeing the mount command is a minor thing as long as I do not have to go through the whole process every time. Thanks.

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Yessir there is!!!

Alrighty! here is what ya gotta do.

Make the directory where youw ant to have the drive mounted to...for me i have it /usb. now /usb has to be empty! Ok next nano(or your favorite editor) /etc/fstab.

Do this then, I use sdb because i have one sata drive.



/dev/sdb1 /usb auto noauto,user 0 0


you cna just type mount /usb and bam it mounts=)


now you can probably switch it to be auto mounted by switching noauto to auto, but i am not completely sure.


Then just save the fstab! and bam its all good! the users allows you to mount it as a non-root user, but the user must be int he users group=)


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