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Fedora 2 Desktop won't initiate!

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What would help, is if you could post a little more background information to help us see what the problem might be.


Is this install on a desktop system, or laptop?


You noted that you are a fairly new Fedora user.


Did this installation boot to a graphical interface before and quit doing so, or is this a new install?


Did Fedora install in graphical mode, or revert to text mode?


Often the failure to boot to a gui on a new install is due to misconfigured video or monitor settings, or even not enough memory in the system to run a gui. Many folks miss the video config. utility during install to test the video settings.


So, give us some system specs as well, such as the system you installed to and how much memory is in the system.


I assume that the system does boot to a command prompt, such as


[nameofuser@localhost ~]$


Thanks for being patient, but this information will help troubleshoot the system.

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