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Linux to Windows xp

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I am very computer illeterate and would like specific steps please. tnx

If this is really the case, let me ask a few questions.

Do you have any idea what make hard drive that you have in the system?

What version of Windows are you planning to use?

Do you have a full version cd of Windows to do the install?

If you have no experience using hard drive formatting utilities, the easiest way would be to use a utility that is made by the hard drive manufacturer to do the job for you.

The other option would be to use the Fedora install disk to format the drive as vfat, so that Windows will see the space on the disk.

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Just out of curiousity, how did you wind up with a drive with Linux on it if you are computer illiterate? A 2k or XP install cd does not recognize Linux so it basically will ask your if you want to change the 'file system' to Fat32 or NTFS. I prefer fat32 because it is faster but has no 'security' features that ntfs has. Find somebody who knows how to navigate through the disk formatting utility after you boot from the windohs installation CD. Delete the existing partitions and create a new one (I prefer three partitions; 10 gigs for windohs and program files - C: -, 1gig for the 'pagefile' - D: - and the rest of the drive for my 'stash' partition - E: - so I don't lose my stuff when windohs crashes or gets virused up). That is why I am going to Linux, I am tired of windohs shattering like cheap china.


Here is a quick way, go to the website of the drive maker (manufacturer) and get the LOW LEVEL FORMAT UTILITY (which could be disguised by other stupid names). The utility will 'wipe' the drive clean like it just came from the store. The windohs cd will then give you a message saying it is wrecked by a virus or is brand new and ask you if you want to 'set it up' (what a dumb question huh?). Now you are going to have to partition AND format at least the partition where windohs is going.

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