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War Of The Worlds on W2000 Professional

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I just tried to install the war of the worlds on my athlon 1800 with windows 2000 professional running. when i try to start the game after the installation nothing happens. its not like the other problems posted here, because the screen doesn't turn black or anything like that.

the system seems to try loading the game but then nothin happens, i simply stay in windows.


can somebody help me with this?

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I've just joined and I'm interested in seeing the problems people have had in getting the game to work on XP and 2000.


To get the game to work on 2000 you need to obtain the patch, install it correctly, then click on the compatibility tab tick the box and select Windows 98/ME mode.


I've been writing some software to resolve a lot of the usual problems that all players of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds PC Game experience. I have experienced them too and I got so fed up I wrote a comprehensive tool to fix them. It will supply the patch you need.


I've finally finished the tool, I have had it play tested by a few die-hards and it works. It's called the WOTW companion.


I've put a copy of it on ebay, item number 8155667585, here is the link if you are interested.




A full description is on the item but by the time you read this the auction may have gone, don't worry, from time to time I'll submit another.


I've also created a web page that will describe the software in some greater detail. Put this link in your browser please.




The software does a lot! Have a look and contact me for details.


I'm also interested in buying any copies of the game CDs that you may have lying about. I have a few on my Christmas list who are looking for a copy and I am tired of loaning out my single copy.


Merry Christmas.





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