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dapperdan & danleff rock!

yawc3 (hehe) warcraft3

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Hello, i know there have been alot of postest about warcraft 3, but i cant really seem to get a no cd hack/crack whatever. Could someone please help me with that. How to install with links to all the stuff you need (probably including winex, no cd hack, etc..) might be nice. I'm pretty sure i got the install down even though i cant find a no cd hack to run it.....


P.S. yawc3 = yetanotherwarcraft3 smile... yes i know im dumb

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It also works in regular wine - check out




It has some good instructions.


Look here too for how to get onto battle.net



you can find a no-cd patch here:




You should get the game running without too much difficulty. Blizzard games have a good track record on linux for some reason.



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