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Athlon XP 3200+ vs Athlon 64 3200+

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I am going to be building a system soon . Has anyone seen any real benchmark numbers compairing these two procs. If they both are "3200+" processors, then in theory they should post similar numbers. With the 3200+ XP all i would have to do is drop it in a mobo i already am using. I currently have a 2200+ XP. I guess I'll see a big gain, since the 2200+ is on a 266mhz bus and the 3200+ is on the 400mhz bus.


Any thoughts or links to some benchmarks would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry but I have no real benchmarks to link for you here, however I can give you my own, albeit, subjective take on this.


1) You have to verify that your current motherboard supports both the 400MHz FSB and the BARTON core CPU's. Chances are that it does and my need a BIOS update too but it's good to double check that wink


2) I've built some Athlon 64 boxes using the Aopen AK86-L motherboard. It's based around the VIA KT800 chipset. It's a decent entry level type board and once I installed XP Pro (32-bit) with all the drivers and such. I did feel that the desktop seemed to be running much smoother and seemed a bit zippier when windows opened and closed.


Again these are my own observations with the Athlon systems. Some used the 3200 and some the 3400. But since I didn't have them built and testing at the same time I couldn't give you much on how they compared side-by-side...

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