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Adaptec 19160 SCSI Adapter Card

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I flashed the adapter BIOS. After the flash and reboot, the adapter did not respond like usual with SCSI BIOS, instead with a blinking cursor, and I could not bootup the PC in anymean to restore the old BIOS.


Any expert here pls guide me how do I recover the old BIOS.

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I know that on Adaptecs RAID and Zero Channel cards like the 2010s there is a CD that comes with the controller card and it's bootable to a special configuration/flasher utility.


You could try using the CD that came with that controller and see if it's bootable. Make sure to change the boot order in your bios to the CD drive before the HD.


If this does not work then you may need to RMA the card to Adaptec for servicing frown

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