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Help Me Build a New Computer

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I'm new here but from reading the posts, you folks seem to know what you are talking about...assuming I am capable of judging such a thing.


Here's your chance.


Help me build a new power computer system with the best motherboard, CPU and memory.


Here's what I do with my computer, my work (who cares about that), but my main interests are for when I'm off of work. I like playing Painkiller, Medal of Honor, Flight Simulator and any other 3D intensive games out there.


Parts I already have:


Gigabyte GA-7VRXP

AMD Athlon 2200

Corsair 512 memory


ATI 9800PRO (keeping)

SBI SoundBlaster Audigy2 (keeping)


I mainly want to upgrade my CPU and memory to match it with the best motherboard for it.


I want this thing to rock for at least the next 2 years.

Maybe my motherboard is already good eh? Who knows. Give me some suggestions friends.


Viagra Racing Team


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I'd recommend the 6600GT PCI-e over the X700... The 6600GT simply outperforms the X700 128 and 256 versions over any benchmark... But the 6600GT might be a little bit more expensive... atleast 30 more than the X700.


But if you want a high performance card, either get the X850XT PE, or just wait for the newer RV520 chips coming out later this year from ATI.



Get atleast a 1 gig of PC3200 memory.. DDR2 RAM is just too expensive...


Also, I'd recommend WD RAPTOR drives... they run at 10k rpm over the regular 7200rpm.


if you want a sound system, I'd recommend the Logitech Z-5300e. They're cheaper now, and are awesome speakers.

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Originally posted by Blusyko:

I'd recommend the 6600GT PCI-e over the X700...[snip]

...and since the original post is now over 8 months old, I'd say the original poster has probably built his new system wink

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