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i forgot my root password on red hat 9

what should i do. how can i recover it without reinstalling redhat?

before, once i get this probelm i just reinstalled the OS and all my files are gone...

and also how can i do it on fedora core 2???

tnx a lot...

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Did you not create a seperate partition for your home directory? If not, why not do an upgrade to your RH 9 with Fedora Core 2?


I don't think an upgrade will overwrite your /home directory, even if it isn't on a seperate partition. Someone else please correct me if I'm wrong about that.


The Fedora Core 2 upgrade, will likely give you the oppotunity to re-enter your root password. If not, you can use your install cd to mount your existing install and change your password back to "0." so you can get in and re-do it.


If you've lost your root password, how have you been installing packages and running the RH utilities that require root access??

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