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Skipstone or Firefox ?

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I have this old CTX notebook with 64 nb ram and a 200 mx processor. Libranet and Vector Linux have brought it back to life. Currently I am running IceWM as the desktop. Being a Puppy Linux follower, Barry (the mantainer) has used Skipstone and more recently, Firefox as the browser. They run very well in general on my systems, but Puppy does not like my NeoNMagic video card in this system. So, who can guide me in the requirements and installation for either browser?


It looks like Mozilla, at least the Mozilla header files, are required for Skipstone. Given my limited resouces on this system and the inability to find any real good information on this, has anybody used either browser with IceWM?


And, does anybody have any good resources that you can point me to to get either to work on my system?

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danleff, I've never even heard of "skipstone!" shocked


As you know, I use IceWM, and other than the sudden crashing I told you about, Firefox works perfectly. The Firefox installer on their website is a breeze.


Have you considered links-graphic? Links is smokingly fast, and will run circles around Firefox, but doesn't have all the bells and whistles.

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