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SUSE Pro 9.1 noob install...noob questions..

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This has probably been asked here a million times already but I want to install SUSE Pro 9.1 onto my system as the only operating system on my hard drive for now. (I am one of those peeps thats has everything on cd's so not worried about ditching XP Home completley) Ok now for a very noob question, will SUSE Pro 9.1 boot straight from the DVD and do a complete install and reformat of my hard drive? Or do I have to do this another way? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!




from a right royal noob chick

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If you have the 9.1 cds you are in for the easiest Linux install I've ever encountered. Make sure you have everything exactly as you want it before "pulling the trigger." It may take you a few times to get familiar enough with it to get it just right though. smile

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