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Please recommend a good AMD ATHLON

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Please recommend a good AMD ATHLON (550 MHZ) Board!


I think one of this 4 Board's! What think you?! Please write everythink what you now about this MB.


Asus K7M


Gigabyte GA7IX Athlon Mainboard

MSI MS-6167 Athlon Mainboard


I would use the Board with the following Hardware in Win2K and Win98:


Elsa Erazor II 16 MB AGP

Athlon 550 MHZ

64 or 128 MB Ram @ 133 MHZ

Elsa Microlink ISDN PCI

Netgear Fast Ethernet FA310TX

Creative SB LIVE 1024


Please HELP!





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Might wanna check out these reviews on the current Athlon boards if you're considering buying a board soon.

http://www.gamersdepot.com/rev_k7m_mobo_a.htm http://www.gamersdepot.com/rev_gvc_fica.htm http://www.gamersdepot.com/rev_msi_mobo_a.htm

Hope that helps. But like Arkos Reed said, you may wanna wait a month or so. Tyan and a few other companies are going to be putting out some great Athlon boards soon. They will be a bit pricey at first, though.





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