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looking for small Linux

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Very difficult request. Your main issue is the hard drive. Also, if this is a laptop, the issue gets more difficult.


What type processor is this? Pentium, AMD K6....


Regarding x-windows, I assume you mean a desktop environment, or just as a server environment?


I suggest you consider getting a larger hard drive. No way around this easily with a hard drive install.


But, if you want to run off of a cd, the prospects are better.


Puppy Linux is my personal choice. But, again, you need to have a little more hard disk space to run it off the hard drive. It uses xvesa (a lite x-windows system) and has a lot of useful apps.


DSL and Feather are other choices.


Libranet will run on 64 mb ram with IceWM, but the hard drive space requirements are much more than you have.


Let's see what others come up with.

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