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Dapper Dan

How to Install LINUX on SONY VAIO K Series Laptop

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This post was made by "Ravi." I reposted it since it was accidently posted as a solution rather than a question...



Recently i bought a new sony vaio laptop and it came with Windows XP home. I am planning to install LINUX with dual boot and i tried with redhat 7 and my laptop struck at partition check. please let me know in detail which linux version will compatible and how to install




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Ravi, can you post what model number that you have? Yes, it apparently does make a difference. There have been a few posts about the Vaio and I can't remember what the issue is on some of them, but, I remember that some distros have specific settings that have to be enabled during the install to make it work.


I would guess that RedHat 7 will not work well on the newer Vaio systems.

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