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Geforce4 Debian Support !

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greetings tomyalarie


Right away: Can't tell you much about those deb-packages but I've installed the NVIDIA drivers from source quite some times by now and so I also encountered situations where the sources would not compile.


In all of these cases I just did a compilation of the kernel to make sure all the stuff that the NVIDIA-drivers would need to know about are in place (it's mostly some "kernel<->driver"-interface thingies that get generated in /usr/lib [and who knows where else] upon kernel-compilation.


After that the NVIDIA-drivers always compiled like a breezw on many distros that I tested so far (including Debian).


Hope that helps

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Looks like the pre-compiled deb package was compiled with other than the version which is on woody standard.


Remember, the support for GeForce 4 MX440 is there, just not the advanced features and 3D that you get with the NVIDIA package.


What happens when you try to install the source NVIDIA package?


Do you have the kernel-headers or kernel-source package installed?


I could not get the site to come up for me where you got the packages. Are you using apt-get or synaptic?

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