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How to configure freeradius on Fedora Core 2?

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Dear all,


I am facing problems in configuring freeRADIUS on Fedora Core2.

Since Fedora Core 2 has built in freeRADIUS (where I selected it when I installed the OS), how can I enable it or configure it? I didn;t see any GUI interface for freeRADIUS on Fedora Core 2 after the installation. However I do see that in the network management services, the freeradius is running? So how can I actually configure it?


The next thing is I try to download the freeradius-1.0.1 from the freeradius website and install it. However when during compilation (make), some errors has been detected...something like krb_... and therefore to install (make install) it fails. That is what I done in Fedora Core 2. On the other hand when I try in on Knoppix (installed to hd), it is able to compile and installed without such error. My supervisor would require me to do it on Fedora Core 2 but not Knoppix. So can anyone show me how how to make freeradius run on Fedora Core 2?



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