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Debian configuration

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I have Debian Woody by means of the Network Install cd .

After it has downloaded everything i told him to from the internet

i am left with the following problem:


When i try to install something :(Krusader , Gaim , ...anything)

i get a lot of failed dependencies.......and if i try to solve one of them ...i get some more.


Is there a way i can download all those packages from the web site automatically...and let Debian solve the dependencies ?


Furthermore...some packages....like kdelibs .....need to upgrade the version that i have in order to work.......they can't seem to be able to do that ....i am left with the option of manually uninstalling the older versions.

How do i do that ?

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from the cmd line as root do a apt-get update then apt-get install app-name I suggest install synaptic. so just do an apt-get upgrade then apt-get synaptic. Then you can graphicly browse teh repositories for the apps you want. I got to go whatch a movie with the wife. I'll get to your other questions asap.

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Listen to what egorgry suggested. One of the first things that I do when installing a Debian system is to install synaptic. This grest utility helps to solve the dependency problems that you are running into. It has a graphical interface that really helps. If you just have a command line right now, installing synaptic will help you get up and running with X, KDE and other apps.


I assume that you are just tring to install KDE, or do you have it up and running already? In other words, did you tell the Debian installer to install KDE, or looking to add development packages in order to compile/add other applications?


Doing apt-get update assures that Debian has the latest packages in it's database, which will save headaches as you go on.

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thank you very much egorgry and danleff..........synaptic is a

wonderful tool.

However the apps seem to be a little bit old.

I'm looking forward to upgrading my debian.......hope

this will solve the problems with the apps



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yeah even in the testing area they are a bit dated


but configure some more repositories or you can do this under sypnatic tools repositories new


i prefer doing it the text way /etc/apt/sources.list


then you can head over to http://www.apt-get.org/main/


then at the bottom of each entry it will have something like this


deb http://ftp.freenet.de/pub/debian-openoffice/ woody main contrib


now just copy and paste it into /etc/apt/sources.list


i beleive each entry should have a # sign in front of it i did that because the originals did


maybe somebody could tell me what the repository is for debians offical site for testing and unstable

ie on the debian site and then packages there official package list not someone elses


also the more repositories you add the longer it will take to update but then youll get more software on

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