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Suse 8.1 Pro Installation Problem

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Hi there ,


1st of all , Happy New Year To All Of You Out There




Yesterday i went to buy the package of suse 8.1 pro cause i was quite


pleased of the linux in general , i was with mandrake 9.0 before and


before go and buy the package of suse 8.1 pro i got the live eval 1st to


check if it's ok at my laptop which was working okay


So yesterday finaly i went to get it.I came home unpatient and the smile


soon went off my face as i realized that before even writing the files the


system halted , after a lots of tries and lots of ways of install


I've noticed that the ehci-hcd probe drove my laptop to halt completely so


next time i pressed cancel and kept going with the instalation which went




Till the reboot,when the system was loading went to the screen with the


OK 's the final i saw was


"Starting hotplugging services [net pci usb_ with the cursor there blinking



That's it.



It's almost 24hours of trying and ahm really pissed about it


I think i just throw 90$ away , i even tried to call the guys here in italy


and they hanged up the phone , i called in germany maybe they were


closed i dont understand german anyway


I've sent mails too after the activation...


Please advise , ahm really desperate and i'll appreciate if you help me out



The irony is that they have my laptop as certified as the suse 8.1 pro is perfectly working ... usb2.0 halts the system ... ? but my laptop uses usb2.0


And i spent 3000euro on this one

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So far so good ,


During the installation progress i pressed cancel to the ehci-hcd only and i probed all the others


So the installation was finished


Then at the OK's screen halts at the :


Starting hotplugging services [net pci usb


Sooooooo After a thought i tried to execute :


init=/bin/sh and when i took prompt i tried :


su root and tried to execute YAST to block the services from being loaded that makes my system halt


But it's RONLY so i can't do a thing


Any ideas ???


(I tried to fsck and then umount/mount -rw , but still no dice)

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boot options for the installation




Then vim /mnt..../YaST2.firstboot ( usb=yes to usb=no )


USB will be disabled till the problem will be SOLVED cause it's still unknown


SUse 8.1 pro

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