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y2controlcenter: cannot connect to X server

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I have this strange problem on SLES9.Things I did:


telnet from a SLES9 (A) machine to SLES9 (B)


su to root

export DISPLAY=A:0.0

When I try to bring up yast2 I get the error

y2controlcenter:cannot connect to X server..


This behavior is observed only on SLES 9 machine..I can bring up yast2 fine using Solaris or other SUSE linux and also RED HAT..


Appreciate any help towards this issue.






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I know nothing about SLES9, but it sounds like a permissions issue. Try the following;


type "xhost localhost" in a terminal window (without the quotes). This will grants the local

system rights to the X sessions.


Does this work?


If so, edit your .profile file in your home directory and add it. Then you will not have to enter it each time you are prompted.

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when logged in to host A, "xhost + localhost" is very similar to doing

"xhost + A" on host A. Note that you must specifically permit any user on

your host to make requests of your user's X server. Otherwise, the default

is to deny all except requests made by X clients initiated by you.


when logged in to host B, and you want the X client on host B to create

a window on host A, then you'll need to permit B to do so with "xhost + B"

on host A.


it's all a consequence of the new X server permission security-mindedness.



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