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professor keller

Weird noises . Soundblaster under XP

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I have a PCI 128 Soundblaster soundcard in my PC. It works OK under ME, but the same card and the same (updated) drivers seems to don't work so well under XP (I have a dual boot system). The sound is full of static noises or something like that. They comes from any movement of the system (HD or CD-Rom working, mouse movements, etc). Does anyone of you have any clue about how to solve this? I've trying changing the PCI slot and all the drivers are updated

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Hmm, this is strange since you apparently do not get any of the noise when running under Win 9x but only under XP. So one thing you maybe able to try out and see what happens is to try removing the sound card and the drivers and use the onboard sound, that is if your motherboard has onboard sound wink


Also, note that both the Soundblaster PCI 64/128 were designed around the Ensoniq Soundscape PCI audio processor, there could have been some compatibility and/or driver issues. Creative Labs had just recently purchased Ensoniq and basically rebadged many of the Ensoniq Audio PCI cards as a Soundblaster card.


Check out their Support Site for more info that may help out wink

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