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silky johnson

ATI Tv Wonder Pro TV is Scrambled!! ARGH!!!

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ATI Customer Care is a Joke!! I e-mailed my problem and they replied with their web site info. Anyways, I have A TV Wonder Pro Remote Control Edition PCI card and the TV is scrambled. I just took out a Creative Labs TV Tuner card that worked like a champ, but I could not burn the recorded shows so I bought this one. I updated to Win XP SP2, installed latest drivers, all the ATI updates, and checked all the "Common Sense" hook-ups. Everything works except for the scrambled TV! I tried disabling the Hyper-Threading in the Bios but same result. Losing Patience...

Intel P4 3.0Ghz Hyper-Threading (which I read may be the problem)

MSI 865PE NEO2 Mobo

2GB DDR 400

Win XP Pro

ATI X800 Pro Graphics Card

Creative Audigy 2 7.1


All Help is Extremely Appreciated:)!!

Silky Johnson

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I have a similar system, and the exact same problem.


INTEL P4 2.6 with HT

MSI 865PE Neo2

1GB DDR Win XP Pro

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

ATI TV Wonder VE

ATI Remote Wonder

SB Audigy


I know it is not the cable conection.

I have moved the TV card from one PCI slot to another.

I have installed and uninstalled (twice) ATI Multimedia Center Versions 8.8 and 9.03.

I have the latest ATI catalyst drivers.

I dualboot this PC with Mandrake 10.0 and when I run xawtv the

picture is still fuzzy the same as XP.


It must be a hardware problem.


Mizzy frown

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