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Oops - sorry folks...IE had a hiccup here at work, and psoted twice, and also I forgot to add a title. Many apologies.




Hey all.


I am "new" to linux. New meaning that I finally dumped Windows XP off of my workstation at home. I am now using Gentoo at home, and I am having a blast. I have ran distro's (cut teeth on Slackware at school) and have had Red Hat 9.0 running in VMWare at home from time to time. I have only used Linux primarily in a work environment (where below doesnt really fit in - hence this post).


So - I do understand a large part of how Linux works, and how to do most things...my question is this:


I have been bumming around the forums at gentoo and here for some time trying to find answers...but I have come up empty handed. Now that I know a good portion of linux functionality (enough to survive in a Linux environment) I have started customizing my desktop. I run Xorg/Kde3.3 and have been looking at some screenshots over at kde-look.org and the like.



1) How can I get the virtual desktop windows in the Task Panel to actually draw the window? You know? Aside from a maximized Thunderbird being a white box?


2) Is there a decent place to go for desktop customization? Besides kde-look??? Some of the desktops I have seen have been quite spectacular... I would like to 'noodle' with this as well as some other things on KDE and Gnome.



..first I gotta get ypbind to work with my FC2 server...


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