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Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9700 or Chaintech GeForce FX AA5700UA

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Ok i am buyin a shuttle barebone pc and i am gonna need a video card, my budget's on the Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9700 Pro or Chaintech GeForce FX AA5700UA. Or maybe if if its worth it i may get a Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9700 Pro Ultimate Edition.


And i am lookin for comments on whether a AMD 64 2000 or a Pentuim 2.4c will be a better performer.


And i am competing for budget cause i need ta assemble gaming pc for less than $750 USD with a 9700 or equavilent graphic card and at least 512mb of ram and 40gb hard disk and the can anyone give me the approx price of a shuttle SB75G2 and the SN45G and the video cards. i live in Singapore so memory prices r a pain too.


I am doing this cause i need help to prove to my friends that i can compete with our local stores(they are outdated! geforce mx440 is a gaming card to play farcry and generals for them!!!


And someone give me the approx price of the entire set and is this possible to assemble?

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Personally I'd go for the Pentium option only because the 2.4c is extremely overclockable 8)

If you get some some fast RAM (within your budget) then you can overclock your system and reap the benifits.


This article is very detailed re: SB75G2




As for graphics cards, well that is simply down to what you can get from some research and other people's experience.


I'd have a look at the various hardware review sites such as HardOCP.


What I did was make a list of possible graphic cards that I could afford, then find article on each and then finally draw my conclusion from that.


Cant help with the price (sorry) as we usually have to pay a fair bit more here in the UK ;(

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