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Gentoo Incompatible???`

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All right i just finished rebuilding my computer ill give the specs first then explain the problem


i440 BX motherboard chipset

The board has soundblaster 5.1 platinum built into it

geforce mx 2 32 mb video card

DLINK ethernet

Creative 12X DVD drive

Smart Fast CD writer no idea about the speed

160GB hard Drive

4X 128MB PC100 SDRAM

650MHZ SLOT 1 P3


all right the problem is my computer is very selective with linux

it wont boot mepis 2004 RC2, yoper, gentoo/gentoo based,knoppix,mandrake, slackware, etc.

essentialy it will only boot fedora or redhat


even with those they come up with errors consistently.


So i guess what im asking is would there be a way to fix this.

Like possibly get another cd drive would that rectify the issue.


to give a picture of what i want to use is NAVYN OS ive been using it on my laptop for a week and a half

its gentoo based, wheni try to boot it just reboots, with the other distrobutions they would just get errors and reboot.


So is there anythingi can do.

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gidday SoulNOTHING


At the office we drive quite a few old crates based on the 440-chipset (mostly some ASUS p2b-series, mostly duals) and some of these otherwisely reliable boards showed indeed issues during the installation (wouldn't boot at all or stalled during installation) of Linux (MDK, Debian and Gentoo).


One set of mobos could finally be convinced to successfully install Linux by turning off on-board devices (though none of our boards had sound, but they all have Adaptec SCSI-U2W-controllers), other boards - and I know this really sounds funny - just required a different CD-ROM-drive. I call that "funny" cause after the installations we tried the refused CD-drives and they were fully functional once the OS was installed.


So I would definitely agree with you when you suggest to try other drives, and I'd also suggest to remove any cards and turn off anything "on-board" that is not required for installation.


Please, keep us informed in case you arrive at some fix, cause I don't plan to let go our old boxes (as they make fantastic servers) and I wouldn't want to stumble into something similar whilst upgrading an OS or something.


have a nice day

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Thanks Black Page I was poking through the bios and i found something really odd the processor speed was set differently

listed in three places


during the post screen it said 650MHZ


during the boot where it lists all the hardware it lists the processor at 450


and in bios it said it was 550


ill try to turn off what i can theres no really nothing onboard but the sound and a few ports serial parrallell etc.


network and graphics are pci


but ill try that thanks and ill keep up my findings

i got fedora 2 on it and its running fast though


and lastly once i get the cash ill try getting a new drive i was thinking it was that because it took 7 and a half hours to install core 2 thanks

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ive been playing around with these thing for the part of 5 days and nothing there is a new problem though


i installed grub to the mbr and now it cant boot off cds any help would be appreciated


and the drives are still read in core 2

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