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FTP to SuSE 9.0 LiveEval (Booted)

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I am working a subnet where I am trying to FTP to a

SuSE 9.0 LiveEval (bootable linux). I am begining

to think I should just as well go out an pick four

leaf clovers! Here is what I have done thus far...




> cd /tmp

> rpm -i -vv -force -root /windows/c/temp vsftpd-1.2.0-52.i586.rpm

> cd /usr

> mv local local.orig

> ln -s local /windows/c/temp

> mv sbin /windows/c/temp

> cd /var/log

> touch vsftpd.log

> chmod 777 !$

> cd /etc

> vi vsftpd.conf










----(also tried /tmp)

> cd /usr/local

> vsftpd &




> ftp -a

FTP> open HOST0

...I get the banner I set in the vsftpd.conf

FTP> verbose on

FTP> binary

FTP> cd /tmp

...Failed to change diretory

FTP> cd /windows

...Failed to change directory

FTP> put random.dat

...Could not create file



What gives? Is this even possible?

Please enlighten me to the tao of

SuSE ftp! smile

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Found that I had to do the following to get

FTP to work:


1. vi /etc/passwd

insure that user "ftp" had a home directory

that was in writable user space, say /home/ftp.


2. In the /home/ftp directory, made a subdir

called "incoming" (can't do a root ftp put

in the FTP home, anonymously).


3. chmod/chown such that....


drwxr-xr-x ftp root incoming


4. QED, huh! Works now...finally.


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