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Latest version of Redhat?

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not to be flip, but the answer to your question depends

on what you mean by: "Red Hat Linux"


with end-user or enterprise support or without support

(other than community support)?


If you're inquiring about the end-user product with no support which began

with (what?) Red Hat 4.X (was there an earlier "named" version?) and ended

with Red Hat 9.0, then [size:4]read this[/color] and then visit the [size:4]Fedora[/color] Project site.


In other words, there are post-9.0 versions of Red Hat Linux.

They're just not called "Red Hat X.X" any more.

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Originally posted by iamroot:

Its RedHat 9.2 for the last in the RedHat Linux line. Now its Fedora Core.


Actually, RedHat 9 (Shrike) was the last of the line.

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