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Problem with LG CD-RW reading certain cds

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my CD-RW is a LG GCC-4320B.

My problem is it reads CD-Rs that were burned in unix or linux OSes perfectly fine, but if a CD was burned with Windows using say Adaptec or whatever, and the CD is set so that it is readable to all computers, then i get this problem:


My CD-RW "sometimes" reads the file structure, (i.e. "ls" might work, but then if i try to copy any files over to my hard drive, the CD drive speeds up as though it's reading the CD, and then suddenly cuts down and stops. i get an I/O error. If i repeat this it cuts out at different stages, sometimes i might indeed get the entire file, but even then it is likely to be corrupt.


this only happens for CD-Rs burned in Windows. I was thinking i might need a cd driver for making it totally linux compatible or something???


thanks in advance,



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Running Mandrake90 I had somewhat the same problem when using supermount. I couldn't read all CDs. At least not all the time. Sometimes I could read a particular CD a couple of times and then, all of a sudden -kabanga-, I gor read-errors and could at most get the table-of-contents. Rebooted into Bills OS and all worked perfectly (shudder).


I have no problems no more though. - Removed/Commented the cdrom/supermount row in fstab and added the old faithful users-doing-it-for-themselves row.


(just a hint, mine looks something like:


/dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom auto noauto,user,ro,iocharset=iso8859-1,codepage=850,umask=0 0 0)


and now all is well - all the time.


OK, it's not exactly the same problem you have - but if supermount can behave strangely in my case maybe, maybe

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