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Windows Update and AMD processor

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I was running windows update on my daughter's HP laptop and it suggested to update the AMD K7 processor software, as well as a security update. I ran both of these and restarted the computer but now have no taskbar on the bottom and cannot access any Windows pages online. I have also tried to go to the system restore and it has a white screen, absolutely nothing there, as though it is not opening properly. I went to System Device Manager and "updated" the processor and it gave me three choices; the latest update I just downloaded, an earlier update, or a generic one. I even tried (it said successful) installing the previous file, but it did not help.


Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your time.

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A word to the wise. Take Windows update with a grain of salt. While most security updates will work fine, anything having to do with drivers ought to be avoided. HP and Dell do not use "generic" drivers even though their hardware components do come from companies that have "generic" drivers.

In this case because it is a laptop, I would go to HP/Compaq's support page and see what I could find. There are just too many permutations to consider as to what caused this crash.

Unless you just want to try to find a way to restore the system for the fun of it, bite the bullet, get out the crash disk that came with the computer, and clean install the system. Laptops are not like desktops. If the machine still acts funny, it means you have a hardware failure.

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