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Introducing BeatrIX Linux -- optimised for the mini-ITX mobo

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Greetings all,


We're proud to announce the first beta release of BeatrIX Linux, a 167-meg distro that contains kernel 2.6.7, Gnome 2.6, Firefox, Evolution, GAIM, Open Office Writer 1.1.2 and more. It was designed for the new breed of mini-ITX motherboards but will run on just about any Pentium-class computer with at least 64 megs of RAM.


This first release is a live CD only. We encourage constructive feedback and personally answer all such e-mail. The second release, slated for October, will be installable onto a hard drive.


The philosophy of BeatrIX is that there are tons of computers out there that simply don't need today's fastest CPUs, video cards or anything else. Our design goal is to provide a simple user interface that is intuitive and useable from the start.


You can learn more about BeatrIX 0.1 at www.watsky.net




oskarku at watsky.net

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