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Trying to get WPA to work with Intel pro 2100 3b

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I have a wireless network set up with a linksys wrt54g router and a laptop with the intel pro/wireless 2100 3b built-in (I'm not completely sure).

I have set it up with WEP and a shared key, but I am required by some people to make it use more advanced security. I need WPA with AES or at least WPA with TKIP (or anything else it works with).

The Intel pro/wirless ... does not allow for AES. Even after upgrading to the PROset drivers (which took over 2 hours since this is a noname laptop and Intel doesn't directly support it).

I'm trying to get it working with WPA-PSK and TKIP. I set the router to use WPA with pre-shared key and TKIP and I tell the adapter the same thing. It does not connect frown. If I go to the router's advanced setup page and tell it to use "auto" for "authentication type" (even though its security page is set to pre-shared key) it will let me connect, but then I can connect with any password. If I change it back to "shared key", it won't let me in.


I am running winXP pro SP1 on a no-name laptop.

Any thoughts? It's my friend's laptop and I'm very close to smashing the screen due to frustration. HELP!!! PLEEEEEEAAAAASE!!!


Thanks smile

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Generally I'm not helpful because I feel most people suck... but you seem pretty cool so here it is:


The Intel 2100 will not work with AES/WPA2 until first quarter of 2005 when they'll supposedly release the 7.1.4 Proset Drivers.


See Intel's website:



(Look at the very bottom)


Hope that helps. And by the way... Get a decent email account & host for your website! smile





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