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Linux Unreal Tournament

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i have a problem with unreal tournament playing online:

my maximum framerate is 100, but i can get 100 only if playin at netspeed 20000. though i use a isdn (fritz card pci) connection, netspeed 20000 is way to high under linux, coz with only little traffic my frames drop like hell. is there any chance i could change this situation? coz with netspeed 5000-10000 my maximum frames are 30-50, and that's imo too low.



suse 7.3

amd tb 1,3 ghz

512 mb sdram

geforce4 ti 4200

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That seems odd seeing as how neither of those things should be coupled. It might be helpful to know what type of equipment your running on since a situation that seems to link network(netspeed) and video(framerate) would almost definately be a hardware/driver issue. If your using Nvidia hardware you might want to make sure you are running the latest drivers.

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