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installing applications

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I'm new to linux from windows and am clueless about how to set up applications. I've installed Mandrake 10.01 (I think!). I'm visually impaired and use a screen magnifier called zoomtext for windows. I've downloaded a number of magnifiers for linux - gnopernicus, k-mag, k-zoom and unwindows - but have no ides how to install them. I'm no computer boff either so someone please explain in simple english.

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First, what desktop environment are you using, KDE or Gnome?


I can speak for KDE. While I am not sight impaired, KDE has a variety of aides in Mandrake.


Recently, there has been work on the K-Mag project. A package is being developed for KDE called kdeaccessibility.


It is apparently still in development, but is available as what Linux calls source. A bit difficult to install, but it looks good. I just installed it on my Mandrake system and used kmag.


A good place to read up on it is at THIS LINK.


Sorry for the small text, I don quite know how to enlarge the fonts yet on the forum.


If you want to give it a try, let me know and I will try to walk you through it, or suggest other options.


By the way, what packages did you download already, RPM files or BZ extension files?

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