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gcc g++ compiler

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Hello all.


I left my mandrake 10.0 CD1 at work and I am trying to install the c++ / gcc components so that I may try a Vmware install. I have downloaded 2 .rpm's and tried to install them but I get this "warning: group gb does not exist - using root" and the packages do not work.


So far I have gcc-3.3.2-6mdk.src.rpm and glibc-2.3.3-10mdk.src.rpm. Am I missing some? PLease help....new to linux.


Thanks a whole bunch.

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howdy rafusewc


I don't think it's really the c-compiler or its sources you are missing cause the compiler is a vital part of any *ix-system. Amongst the things you might need for a successful VmWare installation are ...


(1) Perl


(2) The kernel sources


Perl seems to be present on your system as as the installation script seems to run and furnish you with information.


In many - if not all - cases the installer script will need to compile some interfaces for VMWare, which is why you need to have the kernel-sources installed. So the package you need is kernel-2.6.3-mdk-src (or whatever it is named for MDK 10; can't recall now as I'm tied to a Windows machine at the mo).


After the installation the files from that package reside in /usr/src/linux (a sym-link usually) which is also where the VMWare installer expects them to be. Still though: you are being asked if this is the right path.


hope that helps

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did you by any chance simply "su" before attempting to install the rpms?


if so, try again, but this time "su - root".


"id -a" will help explain the difference between the two methods of becoming root,

as will "printenv". But given your error message, "id -a" will explain more.



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I can't seem to get gpp. I want it so that I can use it for coding and loading of certain packages like sodipodi. I tried downloading it and I had problems with installation and the error reported that I had no c compiler on my Mandrake Linux 10.1 system. I tried to find a c compiler, but all of those I could find seemed to require their own c compiler so that they could be used and thus were no help. Where can I get a c compiler that can compile without first being compiled itself.

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