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Minimized DOS Window when running a Schedule Task

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I needed to do a ping to our VPN and I did it with a BAT file and a schedule task.


The only problem I have is that this BAT file needs to be run every 15 minutes and it is really anoying for my users to see the MSDOS window pop-up every 15 minutes. I have tried everything and still can make the (schedule) BAT run minimized,


Can anyone help?

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I got it to work. Simply create a shortcut to the bat file in the same directory which will create a .lnk file. Go to the properties of the lnk file and set it to run minimized. Then, go to the scheduled task and "manually" enter the path+file name of the .lnk file.


If you click browse to search for the lnk file, it won't work.


Then run the task and all you will see is a little flash or minimized icon on your taskbar while the bat does its thing.


Email me if you need help on this: henryparra@email.com

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