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Rdesktop and audio

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Hi all,


This is my first post here and i am encoutering come problems with my rdesktop.

When i log into my Windows 2003 Terminal Server and attempt to play any audio file, i don't hear anything and when i check my audio settings, the 'mute' box is checked and when i uncheck it and click apply, the mute box checks by itself again.

I am not too sure if this problem is caused by rdesktop or by my windows server.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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first off (since you didn't say so): are you certain sound is working

on your local system?


I also see there's someone at linuxquestions.org with the same problem.

If they respond with a solution, please be sure to post a pointer to it here.


Does the Win2003 server have a sound card?

This message indicates a problem in such a case.


Another message indicates a problem with the timing of audio.


One other message I've just found indicates audio problems when

high screen resolutions are used. You might try 800x600 64k color (or less).



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