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Mand. V10 Install - USB Logitech KB/Mouse

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I have a logitech cordless keyboard/mouse set.


If i boot into dos from a boot disk etc, i do seem to have keyboard and mouse support... (can't test it right now since my floppy seems to be not working - another story!)...however, the kb atleast works if i go into the bios..


however, upon trying to install mandrake, on the 1st screen (where it asks to hit enter or f1 for more info) i have keyboard working...then it boots up some more and starts the gui to select language and go thru all the steps...at this point i have no keyboard or mouse.....i was thinking of trying to tell it not to auto scan, but i assume that will be dangerous or at least a lot more tricky getting everything right during the install...


any ideas/help/similar experiences/work arounds, greatly appreciated.




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I would dig up your old chorded mouse and keyboard if you have them and do the install. After you get Mandrake up and running, you can then try to get the other working. I honestly don't know about your wireless set up's compatability with Mandrake though.


Here's a couple of links...





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