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Slipstreaming SP2 into Windows XP

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I recently slipstreamed SP2 into Windows XP the same way I slipstreamed SP1 into the same and SP 3 and 4 into W2K. Unfortunately, now when I boot off my freshly slipstreamed WXPSP2 media, it prompts me for the SP2 CD. This sorta defeats the purpose of incorporating SP2 into the original media. If anyone else has found a work-around for this, I'd love to hear about it.




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Try this link. I used that procedure to create a slipstreamed WinXP Pro SP2 disc. It booted without problems.





There seems to be some variation in the procedure for Win2k and WinXP, as well as for each service pack (eg the deploy.cab file which is unique to each service pack - maybe that's the problem?).


Where does that message asking for the SP2 disc appear? Before or after the first selection screen (the one that says Install, Repair, or Exit)?

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