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Fedora 1 Modprobe messages

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When Fedora 1 boots I get a lot of modprobe messages "cannot find block-major-nnn" for various nnn. These happen when it is checking for new hardware. This does not prevent the system booting but it would be nice to stop this.


I have searched on Google and not found this exact problem.


It may be relevant that I installed Fedora 1 as an upgrade to Red hat 9, in turn upgraded from Red Hat 8, so there may be some contamination. I now maintain using yum.


Any thoughts?






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It ain't gonna hurt a thing, mine does it too. wink I once read where you can eliminate the messages by editing something, but I just never did it. Since they configured X windows to initiate sooner, giving us that nice clean boot progress screen, it doesn't happen when that's running. If you run it without the boot screen progress bar, it happens. I'd just ignore it. smile

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if you do a long listing ("ls -l") of /dev and grep for the block major number

mentioned in the 'notification' message (it isn't exactly an 'error' message),

you'll probably get a good idea which driver is being modprobe'd for a device

you don't actually have installed.


viz: the message says "can't find block-major-7", so you check up on

this with // ls -l /dev | grep " 7," // (the stuff between the double slash chars)


You can do a quick check of the block major numbers of all active devices

and drivers by doing "cat /proc/devices".



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