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Agustin's Linux Manual -Second Edition

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Have you seen or read Agustin's Linux Manual -the Series

if yes I bet you loved it. My teachers at school asked me for a copy of it and I gave it to them. They were very excited when they saw how easy it was to follow directions from these manuals. Teachers teaching Linux are now using it at our schools to teach Linux, this is a little hilarious because they were teaching Debian and an old version of Redhat...Now they are teaching Mandrake 10.0


Anyway this is a short story about these manuals, This is my first time on this forum and I wanted to tell everyone that what I know about linux, I did not learn it at school...a I learned it from Agustin's Linux Manuals which I downloaded about a month ago at Mialug.org



Last night I got the second Edition of Agustin's Linux Manual from http://www.netcontrol.org and it is just owsome comes with security and proxy server, this second edition is no longer in volumes it is now only one book and is based on Mandrake 10.


I highly recommend you get this Manual especially if you are new to linux, well not necessaryly perhaps it is perfect of an every day IT need.


Thank you guys for spreading the words, because if it wasn't because of people like you; I would not have learned so much.


and yes get the Second Edition if you are using Mandrake 10.0 a lot of things have changed.


bye now


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